Waiting Rooms – Love them or Hate them?

design your commercial waiting room for a more professional look

design your commercial waiting room for a more professional look







A trip to a professional advisor, a dentist, medical specialist, an accountant or lawyer should be a positive and very professional experience. 

If you are working in a professional capacity why not treat your clients to the same level of service before their appointment as well as during? After spending years to get qualified in your chosen career, does your reception area reflect that to your clients?

Our surroundings affect our mood and sense of well-being. We want to feel we are in good hands when we visit the dentist, doctor, accountant or lawyer.

Peeling paint, stained carpets and tatty furnishings do not bode well when we are seeking professional treatment or advice.

Whether as a dentist, doctor, counsellor, tax advisor you deserve to work in pleasant, modern surroundings. A well-lit, well-designed practice could be a joy to spend your days.

First impressions count and the reception desk needs to be practical but welcoming. Choose light interiors and clean spaces that work well with the flow of people entering the building.

View of reception desk at a dentist surgery

Furnishings can reflect personality so go for colour and design that suit your profession and occasion. Depending on the number of clients arriving at any one time will dictate the size of waiting area you require or the space you can make available. You can arrange these in small groups or have a more open plan approach. Fabrics need to be hard wearing and easy to clean. Tables need to be stocked with quality up to date magazines and fresh flowers give a nice touch.

Walls and ceilings are generally best left a neutral colour but warm tones work well and are more welcoming. No one feels comfortable in a stark, white and sterile room, so use lighting and colour to add ambience.

Background music may be appropriate in businesses that require a calming atmosphere. Classical music is generally a safe plan. Think about speakers and where to position the music centre where it can be easily controlled at the front desk.  Sonos make some excellent equipment which streams music from the internet and allows you to create playlists to reflect your customers’ ideal choice of music tracks.

A professional interior designer will make the transition from old to new a breeze for you and allow you to run your practice or business.

Here are some Top Tips for Refreshing your Commercial premises.

  1. Find an interior designer who understands your needs. Perhaps they have a portfolio to show of other commercial projects  already completed?
  2. Review the interior design plan and agree a plan of works. This should be managed and co-ordinated by your interior designer.
  3. Review and consider ‘mood boards’ showing the interior designer’s suggestion for paint colours, furnishings, lighting and fabric textures.
  4. Agree budget and time schedule.
  5. Get the entire team on board to look forward to the transformation that will benefit their wellbeing in the long run.
  6. Prepare to be complimented by your clients and staff on your stylish new interior. People may turn up early for their appointment now you have created such a comfortable pleasing environment. Staff will have the “feel good” factor and a spring in their step which may  have been lacking before.

We are interested in your comments about the establishments  you find yourself waiting in. Let us know if it could do with a spruce up! We are on a mission to make waiting areas much more welcoming and stylish all over Kent!