Landscaping for Interiors


Bring the garden inside your living or work space with a moss wall for interiors- a living wall of plants!

Yes, this really is a wall of living plants which are designed to thrive indoors with little or no maintenance required.  The moss and bark is real and treated but the foliage panels and walls are fake! There are some designed for outdoor and some for indoor.

At Style My Home, our London clients really like this new trend in interior design. We predict the trend for moss walls in Kent will ‘blossom’ in the next few months. We are a nation of gardening enthusiasts with a keen interest in all things botanical and nature-inspired for the home. Having a real wall of plants is just one step on from a beautiful botanical wall print!

Moss walls for interior design are guaranteed to stay evergreen and are proving popular in commercial settings where they have a stunning impact in a reception room or waiting area. You can have whole walls of plants or just textured green panels and feature pieces. Even furniture and table tops can be given the ‘green thumb’ treatment. Graffiti walls of moss are a growing trend in the USA also.

The smallest darker area in a reception area could be brought alive with a small natural green panel , contrasted against a flat painted wall. This creates an interesting statement that will be very impressive for a small financial outlay, giving many years of pleasure.

Not to mention the use of this in small courtyards or roof terraces where green can give another dimension to a small outdoor area.

The watering process is an integral feature of the design. Some of the plants chosen are ‘air plants’ which extract the moisture from the air to survive. Others are mosses, nature’s evolutionary success story which seem to survive on fresh air!

No more apologetic pot plants in the corners of reception rooms. Browning leaves and watering are a thing of the past!

This attractive moss wall in a London office is quite a talking point. It even offsets the company’s carbon footprint! 


Moss has been around 350 million years – it is a very simple plant, and also very adaptable. For this reason we have been finding a lot more ways to grow and enjoy the beauty of moss inside the home.

Choosing the Right Spot for your Moss Wall

Areas exposed to the sun throughout the day are not great for your moss wall. Yes, they need some light but not much. Walls without sun will be fine as you can use one or more light bulbs to simulate sunlight.


This indoor garden goes not require natural light, in fact it does not like direct sunlight, does not need watering, fertilising or pruning, and is ready to install on any surface. 


 Photos courtesy of Bright Green