How To Make Your Home Lighter And Brighter

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Autumn is approaching and now is a good time to evaluate the lighting in your home, as when you really think about it, lighting is an extremely important element of interior design, which will create the ambience in your home and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. For many people it’s all about maximising the amount of light that enters their homes and how to create it by natural or artificial means. Some homes are naturally bright and light, but if limitations exist, people really do want to enhance it.

In the latest article from Style My Home, a leading Interior Design Company working with properties in Kent, Sussex and London, we look at ways that interior design can transform your home so that it appears brighter, lighter, more spacious and welcoming. In particular, we look at window dressings, colour and introducing artificial light, and we finish with some great general tips.

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Colour Can Transform A Room

Colour has a significant impact and it’s not all about light colours although introducing these will make any space feel instantly brighter because the walls are reflecting the light that is naturally coming into the room rather than absorbing it. This can be really effective for rooms that you particularly use during the day and light and bright will really work. However, just a word of warning, as bright white paint may have the effect as making the room feel cold, so more muted shades will be more effective.

If you love colour, painting dark colours in some rooms such as a sitting room can give them a cosy and warm feel, perfect for those winter evenings. To give the illusion of more space and height in a room, try painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls – it really works.

Windows And Doors

It would be great to replace windows and doors such as French or bi fold, but most people’s budgets don’t extend this far, but there are still lots of things that you can do with window dressings. These range from curtains and blinds, which will combine style with practicality and your vision to maximise the light coming into the room.

If you have created large areas of glass in your home it’s worth investing in some good lighting in your garden to reap the benefit of your outside space when the dark months are upon us. Some people may prefer to dress the glazed areas when winter is upon us as it is so dark outside. If privacy is an issue, then shutters may just be the answer.

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Light coloured and lightweight fabrics such as linens, cottons, voiles and chiffons will let the light flood through, and use tiebacks to keep curtains away from the windows. Use sheer fabrics to dress large bi folds, which will look attractive but will not block out the light. For smaller rooms, use simple Roman or roller blinds.

Artificial Light

There really is a huge range of lighting available today and getting it right can be challenging. Lighting includes standalone lights such as table or floor lights, recessed and track lighting, chandeliers and panel lights. Overhead lighting can be used to create ambient or general lighting with task lighting working effectively in the form of under cabinet and table lighting and reading lamps in bedrooms or sitting rooms and vanity lighting in bathrooms.

To draw attention to a feature, use accent lighting and this can be achieved with track and recessed lighting. In hallways, stairs and on landings, use hanging lights including chandeliers as statement pieces and go for mood and atmospheric lighting in sitting, dining and bedrooms.

Get ready for winter by ensuring lighting is cosy and varied and provide task lighting as well as practical lighting.

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General Tips From Style My Home

  • Trim outside plants, trees or bushes that may be obscuring light
  • Keep windows and any glass doors clean
  • Hang mirrors where light will reflect into the room
  • Use frosted, tinted or plain glass on internal and external doors
  • Introduce large artworks to break up a wall and add colour to a room
  • Avoid dark and heavy furniture pieces
  • Don’t block windows with furniture
  • Use accessories such as cushions to brighten an area


Lighting is an essential element in interior design and should have high priority when creating different rooms in your home. Use flair and imagination to introduce lighting into your home interiors in order to define the mood and the atmosphere of the space.

What To Do Next

These are just a few ideas from Style My Home, interior designers transforming homes in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and London. If you need help to introduce light into your home, call Style My Home on 01892 510070 or email We are delighted that we have enabled many of our clients to create homes that they have always dreamed about.

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Curvilinear Mid-Century Floor Lamp from West Elm with angled lamps giving a variety of light at different levels.

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Small Sculptural Glass Globe 3-Light Chandelier (Clear) from West Elm. Clear glass fittings allow more light to show through.

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Large metal trapeze light from Cox and Cox

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Large dome pendant light from Cox and Cox