January 2014

Planning an Interior Decoration Project?

Style My Home in Tunbridge Wells

This time of year is perfect for planning home improvement and interior decoration projects. The new paint colours, wall coverings and fabric designs are fresh out of the design studios and there are specialist trades people available to undertake the work.

Planning your projects for the year means you can plan your holidays around home projects. You may be able to book work to be completed while you are away if you find the right home interior designer to manage it.

The first step is to prioritise your rooms and decide what purpose each has. If you have a living room which is cluttered with children’s toys, you may wish to think about creating a play room. You may prefer a ‘grown up’ contemporary designed living room which creates space for entertaining and relaxing in and a separate family room with corner sofas and television and Play Station. You start with what you and your family needs in terms of space, light, study and living and develop the spaces to suit your needs.

Style My Home has been undertaking large period homes renovation and interior projects for homes and commercial premises for 25 years. Some of our work has been featured on BBC TV and on Channel  4’s Grand Designs TV Programme. These credentials have been hard earned by Caroline Pickering, who has a BA Honours degree in Furniture/Interiors and a design studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

When contemplating significant projects which require walls to be moved or doors and windows to be replaced it is essential to engage the specialists who will make the plans a reality. With our creative approach and good links with structural experts in this field we can lead the way on this project. If you have the time to do all this yourself you are likely to be in the trade and used to co-ordinating site meetings. If not, you need Style My Home which can oversee the entire project and keep you updated along the way.

If you are busy at work or have a family to care for, having a major renovation project going on in your house could take the enjoyment out of the process.

These are Style My Home’s steps for staying sane when contemplating an interiors renovation project.

  1. Prioritise your rooms and your budget
  2. Do your homework. Find a local company with credentials you can trust. Take up references. Get estimates.
  3. Brief them and agree the staged work schedule
  4. Agree the timescale and budget.
  5. Carry on with your life and make a decision to employ  Style My Home to handle the project for you.
  6. Enjoy your beautiful new home transformation.

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Interior Design Trends for 2014

Take Courage with your Interiors this Spring

Style My Home create interiors for period homes and commercial clients in Kent

We love the light and space created by this inspiring colour scheme

There is something cleansing about clearing away the festive paraphernalia in January. The traditional spring clean makes way for a serious think about the purpose of interior space and the need for a spruce up or makeover.

I don’t know about you, but the cold January light and watery sunshine (through the downpours) really kick starts the inner need to bring warmth and comfort into the home. The inclination is to draw the curtains and cosy up to the log stove or radiator with a mug of hot soup.

Casting off the sofa blankets and airing the house with a blast of cold air takes courage. Harder still is looking at the tired furnishings, thread worn carpet and tatty cushions and thinking of something altogether fresher and lovelier.

Colours for 2014 are frankly whatever you feel comfortable with in your own home.  Pantone’s colour of 2014, “Radiant Orchid” (a mauve / pink / purple), is fine in moderation.  I used something similar a year ago as an accent colour combined with a palette of grey and granite tones in a beautiful family home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

It is featured in the current issue of Kent Life Magazine (Jan 2014).

It lifted the room and provided the warmth and cosiness needed for a formal family space. It was certainly a more modern and contemporary treatment than the previous burgundy swags and tails which made the room look dowdy and oppressive.

When it comes to colours and themes for 2014 I expect a move to bright, colourful combinations. Crocus paint colours will be on trend. There is still a tremendous interest in botanicals, vibrant florals and exotic birds. This may be wishful thinking to bring home the souvenirs of tropical and faraway holidays. Living with teeming wildlife on wall coverings and furnishings all year round needs careful consideration.  They can make a large room look smaller so need to be used sparingly. Having a second opinion from an interiors specialist, such as Style My Home Tunbridge Wells, is such a good investment of time and money when contemplating expensive changes you have to live with for a while.

Accessories on the other hand can be replaced easily. Birds, owls and deer accessories have been popular in recent years. Whether you like the idea of inviting the native wildlife into your home depends on your priority for space and room. Be prepared for a trip to the charity shop to return such items to the ‘wild’ if needs be.

If you are thinking of a restyle or refresh in your home I would suggest you make an appointment at my interior design workshop in Tunbridge Wells to discuss ideas.

After this initial briefing session I spend time visualising suitable combinations of fabrics, colours and furnishings by creating a mood board. The mood board helps you to visualise suggested room scheme colours, fabrics and furnishings to provide a clear image of how your home will look after the transformation. It’s an exciting and invigorating experience to plan a spruce up or makeover at home and it’s your rite of passage into spring!

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